King Mob
King Mob and The Invisibles are property of Grant Morrison
Here's another of my custom action figures: King Mob from The Invisibles. He was pretty simple, except for the mask. The mask is removable, and he's holding a grenade with the word 'SMILE' taped to it (ransom-note style). I wish the image was clearer, but this was the best I could do until I actually take a picture and scan it in.
    Professor X's head on (Chain Whipping) Ghost Rider's body, with a neck made of Miliput. (For those of you who wonder what you get when you put Ghost Rider's head on Professor X's body, click here)I ground the spikes off his boots and gloves, and used the spikes from yet another (Quick Change) Ghost Rider for his shoulders. I made him some new gloves from Miliput. I ground the chains off his motorcycle boots as well. The rest (including King Mobs multiple earrings and piercings, which you can't see in this picture) was painting.
    The base of the mask is a latex mold of Professor X's head. I cut the mold back until it only covered his head down to the jawline. Next I made the scuba-type part out of Miliput, and stuck it on there. I made the hoses and wiggly thingies out of Super-Elasticlay. The hair on the mask is some kind if fake fur from the craft store, built up in layers from the bottom of the mask.
If you want to find out more about action figure customizing techniques, you must check out The Custom Corner section of Raving Toy Maniac. You'll see a lot of great custom work there, and tons of great tips and pointers.
This is the comic I've wanted to write all my life - a comic about everything: action, philosophy, paranoia, sex, magic, biography, travel, drugs, religions, UFO's...
-- Grant Morrison
For those of you who don't know who the Invisibles are, I strongly reccommend heading down to your local comic shop and picking up the latest issue. Actually, you should probably pick up the latest few issues; it's complex, but worth the effort of catching up with the storyline. The book is written only by Grant Morrison of Doom Patrol, Animal Man, JLA, etc etc fame. It's planned to go 3 volumes of about 25 issues each, and I think that when it's finished The Invisibles will take its place beside The Watchmen. Yes, it's that good. To learn more about The Invisibles, check out this excellent web site, Target One.
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