Ask Kosh!

How many times have you said to yourself, "Man, I wish Kosh, the Vorlon Ambassador to Babylon 5, was here. He'd have some good advice for me!" Well, here's your chance to get advice straight from Kosh himself.

Sometimes the things he tells you do not seem to make sense... but hey, he's a Vorlon, OK? Our inferior human minds cannot always keep up with the First Ones. So download Ask Kosh! and let him answer all your questions. (or at least make some cool burbling noises)

Important note - Although Ask Kosh! still works fine, I have created an updated, more flexible version. This new program, AdVisOr (the Advanced Visual Oracle), allows you to use your own graphics and sounds, as well as coming with 5 people to answer your questions: Ash, Gowron, Kosh, Sarge, and Scully.
This way to the Advisor page.

Ask Kosh! is Windows-compatible freeware.

Download Ask Kosh!

If you have problems downloading Ask Kosh! and can handle a ~700K MIME attachment, email and I'll mail it to you instead.

You can also check out Mike Toppa's Web-based Ask Kosh

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Kosh, sounds and images are property of PTEN and Babylonian Productions. Advice given by Ask Kosh! may be sensical, non-sensical, or uninterpretable. For entertainment purposes only. Void where prohibited. You get the idea. Babylon 5 kicks ass, and you should start watching it if you don't already!