Latest Legos

I’ve been a slacker about posting my projects lately, so here they are all in one lump:

Kathy is from Maine and she and her mom are Red Sox fans. Her mom requested a Jonathan Papelbon, so here he is. I tried to capture his weird facial expression but it didn’t come out so good.
While I was at it I did Kevin Youkilis too. I think his trademark grimace came out pretty good. I gave him a black eye but got rid of it, it made him look like a zombie or something.

Here’s Brandon Dubinsky of the Rangers. This was a tough one because the Rangers’ uniforms are so intricate and stripey. Eventually I decided to just try to capture the feeling of it rather than reproduce it exactly. I think it came out ok. The socks are sort of sloppy but by that time I was mentally done working on it.