Lord of the Rings Online

In my ongoing quest to at least try almost every MMORPG that comes out (except Star Wars Galaxies), I tried this a couple months ago and hated it but I figured I would give it another go. I had made a dwarf guardian the first time, and the first rat-killing type quest really got to me. I didn’t make it past the first hour.

This time I created Tanru (human captain) on Silverlode. I don’t know if the Bree quests are just way better than the dwarf quests, but I like it sooo much better than the first time I played.

I’m digging the game. Maybe the starter human stuff is just better than the starter dwarf stuff, or I just wasn’t in the right mood when I tried it the first time. The story is excellent and makes you feel like you are part of the War of the Ring. The detail in the world is amazing, and there are lots of familiar landmarks to visit.

On the surface, the mechanics are basically WoW with Tolkien skin, but there’s a lot of good stuff underneath.

I really like the traits, titles, deeds, etc, which give you something to do when you don’t feel like working a specific quest. It really rewards people who just like to explore, which is excellent.

The PvP mechanics are interesting too. Once you hit level 10, you get to engage in “Monster Play”, which gives you a 50th level goblin, orc, uruk, spider, or warg character to play as an enemy for high level PCs to fight in the Ettenmoors.

I still think the classes are screwy, but I’m enjoying my character so far. There’s a 7-day free trial available here, so give it a try, create a character on the Silverlode server and look me up!

Microsoft Un-Reneges On Free Repair for Defective 360s

Yes I am a lazy blogger lately. But my sense of honor compelled me to note that Microsoft has un-flip-flopped: repairs on launch 360s are once again free, and they are refunding repair fees previously paid. Yesterday my refund check arrived. Now to convert that check directly into a new game…