Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

This weekend I finished my latest project, a compilation of greatest hits by Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. Man, we could really use an office linebacker at work. (Note to co-workers: just kidding![?])

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Toy Fair 2007

Yesterday, thanks to my friends at Puppet Heap, I went to the Toy Fair. It’s the 18th anniversary of my sneaking in there in college with fake business cards. Foolishly I wore myself out on the boring stuff, so I was super tired by the time I got to the cool stuff. But here are some highlights:

- There’s going to be tons of Golden Compass toys this year, from toy alethiometers (which look pretty cool) to many stuffed Pantalaimon forms (and evil golden monkey), to Iorek Byrnison In Battle Armor With Slashing Claw Action

- Stikfas has scored their first product license: Neon Genesis Evangelion! Can’t wait to see those.

- I met Bob from Sesame Street! He’s really really nice!

- Apparently they still make Electric Football.

- Award for most disappointing: the Lego booth was completely enclosed, and entry by appointment only.

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