Apocalypto Trailer Subliminal

OK, check out this trailer for Apocalypto.

Now, watch it again. Pause and go frame by frame (arrow keys) right after the guy gets caught in the net. You will see something weird. (If you get to the screaming monkey you’ve gone too far.)

ps: I’m not planning on seeing Apocalypto, but part of me is wondering if this is some kooky marketing scheme to get people to watch the trailer.

November 26, 2006 | Posted in: Movies | Comments Closed

Draw a Turkey

Psych Turkey

Found this one via the excellent MAKE blog:

I’m a TA for Psych 1 at Penn. Tasked with photocopying the exam, I took the liberty of appending “Draw a turkey” to the last page …

This flickr photoset shows the results, as well as breaking it down into categories like left-handed, right-handed, with hats, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving!