New Lego Mindstorms Announced

Woo, this looks exciting! Lego has announced a new version of Lego Mindstorms.

For those unfamiliar with Lego Mindstorms, it brings together Lego, programming, and robotics, allowing you to create both independently-operating or remotely controlled robots.

The original MindStorms was pretty clunky, and it was a real labor of love to get anything interesting going with it. Enthusiasts managed to squeeze a lot of good stuff out of it. The promise was there, though, and the potential was great.

Well, the next generation has arrived! It’s got a 32bit processor now, bluetooth, lots more sensors, pant pant pant!

There’s a pretty extensive Wired story with more details.

I need to start a piggybank for the MindStorms fund pronto! LegoBattlebots anyone?