Trek is Dead, Long Live Trek

A lot of Trekky things have happened in the past year… Enterprise was cancelled (woot!), Braga left Trek (WOOT!), and Beer Trek celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on the web (whoa).

Last year Jack and I had planned to turn over management of Beer Trek to a team of like-minded Scots. We knew that it had gotten pretty lame since we had not added new rules since about the second season of Voyager, and hoped some younger blood would give it a much-needed kick in the ass. Unfortunately it seems like this is not going to work out (although I do hope to post their most excellent Beer Trek boardgame at some point).

We call Beer Trek the Greatest Star Trek Drinking Game in the Universe, and once it was true. Hopefully it will be so again. Beer Trek cannot die. My new plan is to put the power in the hands of The People. I am going to make Beer Trek a dynamic, data-driven site, so the submission and approval of rules just involves filling in some forms and checking boxes instead of sifting through tons of emails and editing HTML I wrote 10 years ago. Hopefully this will keep the site fresh with minimal effort. This will also allow for searching and querying the rules, so you can see all the TNG rules, or all the Spock rules, etc.

I’m off to a good start – I’ve completed the table structure and loaded all the existing rules into a MySQL database. Next steps are to create the forms for submission and approval and hook them up to the database. Last is a redesign of the Beer Trek itself (done back when I thought yellow text on a black background looked really cool).

I had toyed with the idea of releasing the engine as sort of an open-source “run your own data-driven drinking game site” package but I don’t think I’m doing anything someone else couldn’t do better or faster.

And There Was Much Rejoicing. Braga leaves Trek.

I can’t believe it, but my years of tribble-sacrifices have finally yielded fruit, as seen in this article on
Braga: I’m Done With Trek

Longtime Star Trek producer Brannon Braga told SCI FI Wire that he’s done with the franchise, at least for now and for the foreseeable future. “At the moment, yeah,” Braga said in an interview. “There will be a lot of fans cheering about that,” he added wryly, referring to the often caustic fan criticism directed at him during his 15 years as a writer and producer on Trek series and movies.

Wow, am I happy about this! I’m not saying he never did anything good (he did write All Good Things…) but I am glad to hear he has moved on. It’s a shame what has happened to Trek over the years, and hopefully some new blood will be able to return it to a shade of its former glory.

Arrested Development, You’ve Done It Again

God damn, Arrested Development is funny. It’s great that they survived for another season. Last night’s season opener was great as usual*, with tons of running jokes and callbacks. Lindsay’s AD theme ringtone was a nice touch, and of course they’ve set up Oscar’s blog site, I’m Oscar.

This show is so dense with jokes, it’s like The Simpsons in its heyday. I think you need a TiVo to catch them all. There’s also not much pity for those “just tuning in”. The story moves forward without recap. It’s possible to enjoy without knowing what happened before, but there’s twice as many jokes if you do know.

The writers and cast were robbed at the Emmys this year. There’s no dead weight on the show.

*Except that Martin Short episode. :: shudder ::