Beer Trek Lives Again

Well, I didn’t get it done in time for Star Trek’s 40th anniversary as I had planned, but the redesign of Beer Trek, our Star Trek drinking game, is finally done.

Beer Trek has been online for over 10 years now, and for the last few years it has been barely alive. I hope this breathes some new life into a project that I would be sad to see fade away.

Improvements include a somewhat less ugly design, a completely data-driven (and queryable) rules page, and a nifty new insignia. We’ve also finally got some more Voyager and Enterprise rules in. In November when the animated series DVDs release we will have new rules for that section too. We’re always open to new rule ideas, so if you’ve got one, Submit to Beer Trek!

Little Fixes

I finally tracked down the CSS problem that was making the site look weird in IE. Also added a captcha to the comment form so I can stop moderating comments that are really robots advertising “V1aGkr4″ and online poker.

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Welcome Former Grumpy Robot Readers

We’re over here now. I figured it was best to consolidate the sites.

For anyone interested in WordPress stuff, I’m going with a modified Neptune theme – but holy cow did it take a long time to modify it! I made it wider and shrank the header down and made a few minor style changes. In retrospect I probably could’ve built a new theme from scratch in the time I spent (Neptune is a fixed-width theme) but I really like the Neptune layout and color scheme.

New logo to come.

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