Battlestar Galactica Legos

I finished my first attempts at Battlestar Galactica Legos this week. (Hmm, maybe Lego needs its own category.) So here is Admiral Adama and Insurgent Tigh.

I’m pretty happy with how they came out except for Adama’s hair. There’s just not too many Lego hair choices. I’m going to try to file it back to make it look more like his hair on the show.

Next up will be Starbuck (in whatever you call that backward t-shirt) and Boomer (in flight suit). I’m having a hard time matching the flight suit color, which is some kind of weird irridescent greeny gray something. I might just go with dark gray.

Lego Adama Lego Tigh
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Legos and LEDs

Zombie Timmy LegoLast week Dan pointed me to an article on about putting LEDs into Legos.

I don’t know anything at all about electronics but it seemed pretty straightforward so I figured I’d give it a shot.

My first attempt was good old Zombie Timmy. I’ve created him in so many different media at this point it seemed like a natural first try.I picked up some 5mm LEDs at radio shack and used a coin battery like the article said. I was happy to see that there was no resistor necessary.

I sawed his neck off and drilled a hole big enough for the LED. Next I drilled out his eyeballs, and a hole in the back to run the LED’s leads out.

Then I went to work painting up a new Zombie Timmy body. A little blood here, a little dirt there, and I was done. I got a pretty encouraging result – he looks great with his evil, red-glowing eyes! The ring of red around his neck looks a little doofy. That’s the bottom rim of the LED. I will have to watch for that in the next project.
Borg Lego

After that, I figured I would try a Borg. Borg are fun to make because you get to make all these little imaginary circuit diagrams on them.

I followed the same construction technique as with Zombie Timmy, except I only drilled out one of the eyes. I also painted black around the bottom rim of the LED so light doesn’t pour out of his neck.
The only thing I’m not happy with is the way the battery sticks out the back (it’s tucked away behind the figures in both of the photographs here). I picked up a couple battery holders and would like to create a diorama-type setup with the battery holder and possibly a switch behind the wall.

My next project in this vein will be a new version of my Lego Sam Fisher, but this time with gren LED goggles.