JupiterLast night Jack came by for some astronomy. I was hoping to get a good picture of Jupiter since it won’t be visible for too much longer this year. The trees in my neighbor’s yards give me a pretty small window of opportunity but I managed to get something. Unfortunately I’m still a novice with the NexImage and the capturing software so I wasn’t able to get the moons into the image. When I turned the brightness down enough that Jupiter was not just a blazing white disk, the moons dropped out of the picture. Oh well. In any case, the image to the left is what I got after running the image through Registax. Not too bad.

After that we decided to try to hunt down M5 since it is in the same area. It took quite a bit of jumping back and forth between Starry Night, the telescope, and a pair of binoculars but we finally found it. It was kind of disappointing because of all the light pollution, but we did see it so I get to cross it off the list. 105 Messier Objects to go!

I definitely need to look into getting a light-pollution filter.

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