Dead Rising (so far)

I was playing Dead Rising last night and I got killed. The screen comes up and says



I didn’t want to play anymore so I picked “SAVE & QUIT”. Well, guess what. That doesn’t mean what it means in other games. In THIS game, that means “save the PROGRESS of my character, but I want to start the whole game over from the beginning”.

I am back at the beginning of the game again, but 4th level instead of first. So dumb. They should give you some kind of warning! Oh well, at least the beginning of the game will be a bit easier since I have more health and stuff.

Other than that complaint and the fact that there is only one save slot(!) I like the game a lot. It’s in my “sweet spot” challenge wise, not too easy and not too hard.

I like how you unravel the story as you go along. Also, i think the “levelling-up” mechanic is very clever: you’re a photojournalist so the way you level up is by taking awesome pictures.

Putting yourself in dangerous situation and then getting the shot gets you a lot of points. There are also “photo ops” that pop up for just a few seconds, like when 2 people are reunited etc, those are TONS of points if you catch them.

You also get points for taking pictures in certain categories, like funny, scary, erotic, etc. I hit a zombie in the face with a pie and took a picture of it, got tons of points for a funny picture – then I killed the zombie and ate the pie!

2 Responses to “Dead Rising (so far)”

  1. Neolardo Va Dinci says:

    mmmmmmmmm Zombie Pie

  2. adam says:

    cant stop playing i literaly died on it