Dead Rising Demo is Out

I just played the demo for Dead Rising and it is great!

It’s basically “Dawn of the Dead, the game”. As a matter of fact there is a big disclaimer at the beginning that says “This game has nothing to do with George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.” Anyway, there’s hundreds of zombies, and you’re in a mall.

The fun part is that you can pick up just about anything and use it as a weapon. There’s lots of actual weapons lying around for you to find but tons of “improvised” weaponry as well in all the stores. You can throw CDs like shuriken, break open a jewelry case and throw the gems. Pick up a cash register and hurl it. Swing an acoustic (el-kabong!) or electric (spaaang) guitar. You can ride a skateboard or push a shopping cart. I’m sure I only scratched the surface in my time with the demo, but each weapon has a distinct animation and feel to it.

You can also try stuff on in the clothing stores which is pretty funny.

It looks like this game will be a great “sandbox” to just run around killing zombies in, but there is also a story, and the demo indicates that as the game progresses you will be unravelling the mystery behind the zombies.

Definitely getting this when it comes out next week. Braaaaains.

August 4, 2006 | Posted in: Video Games | Comments Closed

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