Programming the GP2X – Part 2

I got my prototype game running on the GP2X last night. There’s still something wrong with the projectile trajectory, but it was very cool to compile the program on my PC and then copy it over and see it run on the small screen.

If you’re getting into GP2X development, definitely check out the GP2X Dev Wiki, especially the section on setting up a development environment. I followed the instructions for Windows and everything worked perfectly.

I’m still not very happy with DevC++ as an environment though. I looked at CodeBlocks and didn’t like it. Eclipse looks promising but very complicated. I may just end up going with Visual Studio since that’s the environment I know best.

2 Responses to “Programming the GP2X – Part 2”

  1. Lee says:

    Im not just saying this to be contrary, but I just love DevC++. (Well, now I use mac so no more, but…)
    I love it’s simplicity, and I found the package manager very useful.
    Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents.
    PS gcc is the gnu compiler collection (or which g++ is a part) that Apple uses for Xcode, and is the Linux uses as a standard compiler. In linux many people compile from the command line with g++ so maybe thats why DevC++ is so basic.

  2. ButteredPotato says:

    Eclipse is definitely not as hard as it looks. From screen shots it looks very intimidating, but I use it every day at work and all you really have to do is find which view best suits you.
    If you can learn how to use Visual Studio, Eclipse should be a peace of cake.