Programming the GP2X

Atari Adventure on the GP2XSo I ordered a GP2X last week. It’s a linux-based handheld that’s completely open for development.

If you are into emulation and classic games this is the system for you. It runs lots of emulators, MAME, etc. It also supports DivX and Xvid .avi playback.

Sean and I have decided (again) to try to write a game and Jim is on board for the art. I spent the weekend just trying to get acquainted with the system and rough out a Scorched Earth clone. I figured it is simple, but still has things like a HUD, physics, and so on.

Well, the first thing I learned is that I don’t know nearly as much about C++ as I thought. I’ve been coding C# for several years but it has tons of featured that just plain don’t exist in C++. So there was lots and lots of Googling and research.

So far I’ve got drawing both tanks on the screen, reading the input for the trajectory and power of the shot, and displaying that on the screen. Something’s funky when shot is actually fired though. I’m not sure if it’s not registering the input or if my math is way off.

Which brings me to my next issue: the debugger in DevC++ kind of sucks. I’m going to look into getting a different IDE set up, maybe CodeBlocks or Eclipse. Any suggestions?

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