Just Call Me Hubble

Bigger SaturnHere’s my latest try at Saturn. The moon and Saturn were close in the sky last night (but alas, not close enough to get a picture of them together). I was trying out my new barlow lens, and as you can see is compatible with my scope. Whew.

I also tried for a picture of the entire moon but I’m having some trouble with the image reducer and / or it doesn’t work the way I think it does. Ah what would astronomy be without gear problems?

Speaking of astronomy, allow me to be the first to congratulate it on being promoted from a subcategory of Tech and a Burning Interest to a full-on category here at Planet of the Geeks. Good job, Astronomy, we knew you could do it!

One Response to “Just Call Me Hubble”

  1. Starwolf says:

    NICE! What camera did you use?