Arrested Development, You’ve Done It Again

God damn, Arrested Development is funny. It’s great that they survived for another season. Last night’s season opener was great as usual*, with tons of running jokes and callbacks. Lindsay’s AD theme ringtone was a nice touch, and of course they’ve set up Oscar’s blog site, I’m Oscar.

This show is so dense with jokes, it’s like The Simpsons in its heyday. I think you need a TiVo to catch them all. There’s also not much pity for those “just tuning in”. The story moves forward without recap. It’s possible to enjoy without knowing what happened before, but there’s twice as many jokes if you do know.

The writers and cast were robbed at the Emmys this year. There’s no dead weight on the show.

*Except that Martin Short episode. :: shudder ::

2 Responses to “Arrested Development, You’ve Done It Again”

  1. Jay says:

    Where can I find Lindsay’s AD theme ringtone? Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Aaron says:

    Seriously, if anyone can find the ringtone for the theme song, please email me, thanks.