Hail to (Jupiter) the King (of Planets)

Last night Jupiter was at opposition, so it was looking the best it would all year. For a while the weather was looking hopeless, but late in the day the clouds all disappeared so Kathy, Jack and I got ready.

I hauled the telescope out to the backyard but was sad to see that my nighbor’s trees were blocking the southeast view I would need. I found that my scope would juuuust fit into my back seat and was ready to lug it to the park 2 miles away when Jack pointed out that from the driveway we could see Jupiter just fine.

So, we set up at the end of the driveway instead. Even though we were directly across the street from a streetlight we were able to see a lot. We could make out several bands on Jupiter and 4 moons.

From there we moved on to Saturn, in the West below the moon, and then to the first-quarter moon itself. We spent a while checking out the moon with my higher-power (9mm) eyepiece, then back to Saturn, then back to Jupiter again.

It was a great night of viewing, and I’m glad everything came together.

2 Responses to “Hail to (Jupiter) the King (of Planets)”

  1. Stoopis says:

    Tell me about the spot(s)!

  2. Starwolg says:

    Nice. Sounds like a good observing session.