Take a Picture of the Moon

The MoonI took this image last night using the Celestron NexImage, a cheap CCD camera that I hooked up to my tablet PC. The image is tilted about 15 degrees counter-clockwise because I didn’t line up the camera when I inserted it. Live and learn.

My handy Virtual Moon Atlas identifies the large C-shaped area as Sinus Iridum. The dark area on the left is not the “edge” of the moon, but the terminator.

The NexImage was very easy to use. It sits where the eyepiece goes and captures AVI files. I then used RegiStax, a really nice image-processing program, to comb theough the frames, average and align them to create this image. The interface is a bit kooky but there are lots of tutorials out there to get you going.

I’m looking forward to doing more of this. I may invest in a field reducer so I can fit more of the moon in a shot. Hopefully next time I will get an image of Saturn. The NexImage is only good for lunar and planetary imaging, but with a dobsonian mount that’s all I’d be able to do anyhow.

4 Responses to “Take a Picture of the Moon”

  1. Len says:

    Very nice pic! Wow, you are getting into this.

    Of course, you know the picture has to be a fake since there’s no stars in the background, so…what program did you use to fake it, you know the moon isn’t really there….lol, sorry just caught up on latest issue of Skeptic and they’ve debunked stuff just like that.

  2. Mike says:


  3. Stoopis says:

    Wow!! Can you get Saturn from Metuchen? Or will that require a raod trip? (Is Satrurn even visible right now?)