Lord of the Rings Miniatures

Over the past few months I’ve been getting into Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings miniatures game. The rules are flexible enough to allow everything from small character-driven skirmishes all the way up to sieges. I’ve only played a few times, but I’ve got quite a pile of figures waiting to be painted. (It never entered my head, until a random comment from my brother’s girlfriend, that I could play with unpainted minis!)

I picked up the new Fellowship of the Ring supplement this weekend, and it’s very very good.
It has 18 scenarios to take you through the whole book/movie. It also notes where the two diverge, which is nice – for example you can use Arwen or Glorfindel in the “Flight to the Ford” scenario.

GW’s site has a list of the scenarios and some battle reports.

The terrain-building section alone makes it worthwhile to me, and helps you create good re-usable terrain. The modular Moria terrain is outstanding; you create scenery that can be used for Balin’s tomb, the Dwarrowdelf, and the bridge of Khazad Dum.

Now I’m all fired up, working on my Moria Goblin army.

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  1. i blew a lot of money on badly painted ones but im determined to do it right