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It seems like a long time ago that I signed up but the first Age of Conan newsletter has come out from FunCom.

Experience the World of Conan!
Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures is an Online Action RPG scheduled for Windows in 2006. A mix of a deep, story-driven single-player experience and a massive and brutal multiplayer end-game brings forth the ultimate representation of the Age of Conan. Now you can enter the brutal domain of the world’s greatest fantasy hero.

I’m a big fan of the character and the novels, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I love the simple pulp feel and hopefully it will carry over into the game somehow. The trailer is up here. Looks cool, but as with any trailer who knows what the final product will look like. I wonder if they are still on target for a 2006 release.

The class tree is here. It surprises that they’re making a Mage archetype because in the Conan books it seemed like magic was both extremely rare and extremely powerful and dangerous. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

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