Star Wreck Interview

I was so impressed by what the Star Wreck team had pulled off, I contacted the director, Timo Vuorensola to hear more.

Grumpy Robot: How many people are in the cast? In the crew? On the effects team?

Timo Vuorensola: The movie is made by mainly 5 guys, but the entire crew consists of about 300 individuals. The effects are done by the producer Samuli Torssonen, who’s also playing the main role of emperor Pirk. There are also about 10-15 modellers around the world who have contributed their models to Star Wreck.

GR: How did you find the people to work on the movie? Are you all friends, or did you advertise somewhere
looking for cast and crew?

Timo: The main crew is basically gathered from friends and friends of friends, but there are also people who we’ve contacted and asked to work with us. Also, lot of people – actors and crewmembers – we’ve got from over the internet, by asking via our message board from our fans.

GR: What equipment are you using to shoot?

Timo: Mainly we’ve shot with various types of DV-cams and mini-dv’s.

GR: What software do you use for your CGI? And for bluescreen?

Timo: The CGI is made with Lightwave 3d, and bluescreen composition software is Adobe After Effects.

GR: What software are you using to edit the film?

Timo: We’ve done the edit with couple of different softwares.

GR: Have you had any legal problems come up?

Timo: No. Star Wreck is a parody, and it gives us a lot of freedom. Also, the main release is done for free over the internet, so we are not working for monetary profit with this film. We see Star Wreck: ITP mainly as a ‘business card’ which we can present and show people that we are able to do this stuff with no financing – imagine what we can do when we can get some money to work with also.

GR: Is the DVD available for shipping to the United States?

Timo: I’m sorry, we are not able to ship the movie to United States because of the legal issues – there, the laws are a bit different from Europe, but the download is available for U.S. citizens from 1.10. from our website as well.

GR: Are you glad to be finished with the film, or will you miss working on it?

Timo: I think we all are very happy with the movie, and we’ve received so much of positive feedback, that we can’t be anything but happy. Of course there are things for each one of us we’d personally like to fix or change, but we all agree with the main lines. I can’t say I miss working with Wreck, but I miss working with an actual movie, there is a big empty hole to fill right now – and we’ve started to fill it. Of course there’s a lot of stuff going on with the release, we did a small tour in finland with the movie and it went through unbelieveably well. But yes, I miss a movie to work on right now, but we’ve been gathering ideas and start to work on a new one pretty soon, that’s for sure! And this time, it’s gonna be as big leap as there was between star wreck 5 and the new star wreck: in the pirkinning

GR: What will your next project be?

Timo: If I knew, I’d tell, but I can’t because there hasn’t been anything we’ve decided ultimately yet. We’ve been toying around with ideas for a scifi series for TV and internet, but also on a new movie. Most likely we’ll stick to sci fi, and there will be some humour involved, that’s for sure – maybe we’ll go a bit darker, even, who knows.

GR: Thanks a lot for your time!

Timo: No problem.

European fans can order the DVD now from the Star Wreck site. Elsewhere, visit the Star Wreck site to download the complete movie.

3 Responses to “Star Wreck Interview”

  1. You know, things like this kind of piss me off. With the amount of person-hours, money and hardware they could have made 2 or 3 actually good movies, like Primer. Instead they went for a lame parody that is only impressive in that it looks just as bad (wooden acting, poor writing and cheesy effects) as modern Star Treck.

  2. By the way, the robot on the logo does not look grumpy enough. He’s kind of sad-looking.

  3. Mike says:

    I think it’s cool that they set themselves a pretty tough goal and achieved it. If you check out the site, under “Oldies” you can see the progression of their work.