Perfect Dark Zero – First Impressions

OK, I am going to be a man (err, robot) and admit my suspicions were wrong: I really like Perfect Dark Zero so far.

The graphics are very good but not spectacular, some of the character models are weird, and yes there is no jump button – but the fun factor is definitely there.

I only played through the first single player mission last night. I tried to play through it on Perfect Agent (the highest difficulty initially available) but on that setting instead of it making the enemy AI (such as it is on that level) smarter, what it does is make the scientists you are escorting dumber so they will leap in front of any gunfire possible. I restarted the level a bunch of times, hoping to successfully get all the scientists to the elevator, but it was not to be. I wanted to move on, so I kicked it back to middle difficulty and finished the mission perfectly. I will go back later tio the higher difficulty.

Then I jumped on to some multiplayer games. That was a ton of fun. I played a couple games of Killcount, 1 of Capture the Flag, and 1 of, err Territory something. I like the pace of the game. It’s not UT or Quake III hyperspeed, so you can be at least a little bit strategic. Sometimes you get in these situations where there’s a roomfull of people all dive-rolling at the same time and it looks kind of dumb, but I guess no dumber than a roomful of people all hopping like in other games.

I need to learn all the weapons and their secondary functions but I had a great time and I really liked what I saw so far of the maps. Oh yeah, and must learn to fly the jetpack.

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