Where Are the Perfect Dark Reviews?

Only days before the launch of the Xbox 360, there are still no reviews of Perfect Dark Zero, supposedly the “flagship title” for the launch.

Review aggregator GameRankings shows multiple reviews for the rest of the launch titles, but PD is conspicuous in its absence. It’s pretty suspicious.

In the movie industry when movies are not pre-screened to critics, most often it signals a stinker that the studio doesn’t want critics to sink before opening night. From what I gather from GamingSteve’s X05 coverage, that may be the case here as well.

Coupled with yesterday’s Next Gen article about how the game skipped Certification and went right to Manufacturing, the circumstantial evidence is making it look like Microsoft may have pushed too hard to have this game ready for launch.

If that’s the case, it’s very foolish on their part. The bad press of not having a game ready for launch is nothing compared to what will happen if that game crashes or flat out sucks.

One Response to “Where Are the Perfect Dark Reviews?”

  1. Rick says:

    Just saw the first commercial for Perfect Dark. It had a lot of out of game imagery and the in game footage didn’t show much other than that it is a shootem’ up game. Not a good sign.