Xbox 360 Shortages?

eToyChest has a story on the rumored 360 shortages and it is not looking good. According to the article, EB, GameStop, Sam Goody, Circuit City, etc have all been shorted on what they were promised by Microsoft:

Circuit City, is known for drawing lines of gamers for midnight or early morning openings for console launches. However, after talking with managers are a Circuit City store in a high traffic area in Denver, we have been told that the store is only expecting four premium consoles to arrive, and no core systems. Not only that, but they have been instructed from their corporate office that they are not to sell the systems on November 22, but rather to wait and put them out on Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving.

That’s just one example. Other retailers are reporting similar problems. Read the full article here.

I’ve had my 360 reserved since April, so I’m good. I hope.

I had 2 games picked out for launch: Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Perfect Dark Zero. Unfortunately Oblivion is now delayed until 2006, and PDZ supposedly sucks. Oh well. Now I’m going with Call of Duty 2, Kameo, and Gun.

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