The Goon!

I’m a bit late to the party since the book has been running for a couple years, but my favorite comic currently is The Goon.

The main character (known only as The Goon) is sort of a depression-era(maybe) Hellboy. He spends a lot of time beating up monsters and works as an enforcer for Labrazio, the mob boss who runs the town (or does he?) which is being overrun by zombies.

The stories are all pretty straightforward, but nothing wrong with that! The Goon and his psychotic sidekick Frankie are interesting characters, as are the Zombie Priest villain and the rest of the supporting characters in the neighborhood The Goon protects.

What really sold me on this book, though, is the art. Creator Eric Powell has definitely learned a lot from the greats, and panel swipes homages are found throughout. A bit of Mignola, a little bit Wally Wood, a dash of early Corben, and a whole lot of Frazetta make the stories come alive. The oil-painted covers are fantastic.

If you like monsters, zombies, or great art, pick up one of the trades on your next trip to the comic shop! The first couple are outstanding, but the quality drops slightly as the series goes on. My recommendation is to start with #0, Rough Stuff.

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