Street Soccer

StreetSoccer boardStreetSoccer is a great little 2-player board game I stumbled across on BrettspielWelt, the German boardgaming portal.

The rules are pretty simple. Each “coach” has 4 players and a goalie. A roll of the die determines how far the ball is kicked. You must use the entire die roll. You can “hook” a kick by having it change direction (orthagonal to diagonal or vice-versa) once along its path. The ball can move one additional square each time it comes into contact with a player. Except for some technicalities on where players can end their turns and so on, that’s about it. There is a turn “clock” that counts down, and games last 50 turns (25 per side).

With these simple rules, the game does a decent job of “feeling” like a game of soccer. It is a bit luck-heavy, since so much depends on the die roll, but keeping a good formation so your passes will be able to connect is very important too. It’s a game that you don’t have to be capital-G Gamer to pick up, so it’s a good “gateway” game.

I wasn’t able to find it locally, so I ended up ordering from Boulder Games. Good price and quick shipping – I would definitely order from them again. (But do support your local game store when possible!)

StreetSoccer boardIf you don’t have a copy of the game, you can try it out on BrettSpiel Welt. Little Golem also has a great (fully authorized) web-based version. It’s turn-based, not live like BSW. They have player rankings, and several tournaments are always running. Send an invite to me (yacullo) over there if you’d like to give it a try!

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