Star Trek Flying V

Saga FV-10 Kit

Saga FV-10 Kit

I made my friend Jack a guitar for his birthday. It’s a flying V painted like the old-school Star Trek insignia. Like I did with my SG-knockoff build, I used a Saga guitar kit. This one is the FV-10.

The first problem was that the neck they sent me arrived completely busted. The seller was slow but helpful and did get a replacement neck shipped out. As I was taping it up I realized it did not have mounting holes drilled. Raaah! Well, I had to test-fit it to the body anyhow, so I drilled my own.

Neck and Body Painted

Neck and Body Painted

I sprayed the face yellow, and the sides and back black. The neck is black also, and the face of the headstock yellow. There’s a couple blemishes that I tried to touch up by hand. It was either that or start the paint over.  The electronics in this kit are pre-wired to the faceplate, so I had to accept a white faceplate. I think it still looks OK.

I have to admit, if I were to start over I would go with a more gold or mustard color instead of super bright yellow. I also would have done a body with rear-mounted electronics. That way I could have decorated the front more like an insignia (on this kit the pickguard covers up the routs for the electronics, so I couldn’t leave it off). Other than that, I like it.

When I started to assemble, I realized the mounting holes I drilled were not deep enough (I was scared of punching through to the fingerboard). Â I will measured the mounting holes on the busted neck and started again.

You can see in the closeup of the headstock that the tuners are a bit misaligned. That is because 4 out of 6 of the mounting holes were in the wrong place. Arr.

There’s also something funky with the electronics. Sometimes when you flip the selector, everything drops out. Another flip (out of and then back to the same position) will bring everything back. It’s such weirdly specific behavior, it doesn’t seem like a loose connection. Due to my zero knowledge of guitar electronics, I don’t know how to diagnose it. The electronics were pre-wired, so it’s not something I did. It’s probably a bad switch.

The next guitar I build will definitely NOT be a Saga kit. Before I built the SG, I had heard a lot of complaints about them but it was so cheap I figured what the hell. I guess I lucked out with the SG (which went very very smoothly), because this one had so many problems.

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