EVE Online Followup

Gamasutra has a good interview with Nathan Richardsson, senior producer of EVE Online. He discusses his “Power to the players” philosophy:

Nothing compares to a player that is enabled to affect the universe. We create tools for players to create content. For example, a massive alliance of corporations – our versions of guilds – with real, legendary players, leading them, controlling large areas of space and building up infrastructure is truly awesome content. We can never create that, but we can create the environment and tools enabling to happen.

He also responded to some players’ concerns in a SlashDot thread.

One Response to “EVE Online Followup”

  1. mogs says:

    I think it’s funny that Eve has it’s own in-game economist :)

    Too bad iceland (where CCP the producer of eve is based) didn’t have a few more of those… it could use them.