Homebuilt Robotic Sentry Gun

You’ve seen them in Aliens (well, the Director’s Cut anyhow), in Half-Life 2, and in Team Fortress – but this guy built his own robotic sentry gun at home.

Using an airsoft P90 replica, a webcam & PC, and some servos, he built a very impressive, functional turret:

Most of the testing involved me directing my little brother in front of the turret, him getting shot, and then running away. Polo shirts, not surprisingly, offer very little protection from BB’s that are prone to leaving little welts. When I originally wrote the software, I added code so it would use the Microsoft speech API to say “Freeze” and offer various instructions to a target that it had acquired. At the end of 5 seconds, if the target moved 20 pixels in either direction, it would fire.

The test video is well worth watching. It gives you an external view, a cam view, and a software view of the targeting and firing in action.

3 Responses to “Homebuilt Robotic Sentry Gun”

  1. Dracomillei says:

    That is a great idea, i can certainly use that in battle.

  2. Kevin says:

    Wow! The sensor is pretty impressive, it’s able to track the movement quite well. But the airsoft P90 replica seems a bit lacklust, maybe you want to consider a Echo 1 AK47 RIS Sidefold (Black) AEG Airsoft Gun. This really pack a punch!

    • Francine says:

      Review by Bruce N. Olson for Rating: I bought this proudct a year ago this summer, and I have to tell you it was one of the biggest dissapointments in my history of airsoft. At first you open the package, look at it, put it together, and its alright, but the stock and those rings on the two ends of the rifle are easy to break. If you so much as drop this about four feet from the ground, the stock of the weapon will come right off, and you’ll have to superglue the whole thing. The rings will come apart if you pull to much on the strap, which means if you are running around on the field and you sling this off your shoulders it’ll end up breaking.Shooting was the major dissapointment with me. The first day I recieved this I quickly assembled it and loaded the clip expecting great results, but it quickly ruined my hopes and expectations. If you cock the spring back and fire, you’ll understand what I mean. The BB will exit the gun, like its supposed to, go straight, likes its supposed to, but after 15 ft or so it will start to curve left or right and by 20 ft, it will be going DIRECTLY left or right (NOTE: I shot it on a day that had NO wind to play with the BB’s trajectory.). If you are going to buy this, you’ll end up spending $30.00 on a really expensive toy gun, so please, save your money and look for weapons that have a good amount of good reviews or that you KNOW will be good.