Friday night, I finally got a band I’ve waited a long time to see: Black Sabbath. Well, they weren’t calling themselves Black Sabbath, they were calling themselves Heaven and Hell (why do I think Sharon Osbourne is somewhere behind that?) but it was Black Sabbath. I had tried to see them last year or the year before at Ozzfest, but they cancelled at the last minute.

I met up with Sean and some guys from nerdnyc.com and we headed in. The security lines were looooong and policies were randomly enforced – one of the nerds had a wallet chain that the security dudes insisted was. not. allowed., but they couldn’t say why or whether the policy was stated anywhere. Of course, once inside we saw people with wallet chains. Whatever.

There was no opening act, which is fine with me – on with the main event! The stage set was just what you’d think it should be – sort of half cemetary and half church.

Dio was on vocals, Tony Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass and Vinny Appice on drums. Dio was entertaining as always, a little heavy metal elf in a puffy shirt. He had tons of energy, talked to the crowd in between almost every song, and threw many a devil horn. The rest of the band played it cool. No one else said anything even when egged on by Dio. I don’t think they even really moved around.

The band sounded great and Dio’s vocals hit every note. I don’t think they even changed the keys of the songs, which is impressive considering the songs were recorded over 25 years ago. It was a little disappointing that they didn’t do any Ozzy stuff (which they did on Live Evil) but the show was great. Computer God, The Mob Rules, and Heaven and Hell were all standouts for me.

The show was being recorded for a future DVD release. More details, setlist, and photos on Blabbermouth.

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  1. Stoopis says:

    I heard them on XM yesterday talking about this tour (Black and Blue) with Blue Oyster Cult. It was funny to hear how much they loathed that experience and hoped the DVD would not come out. Also funny to hear guys in their 50′s call in and say “duuuudes—I caught you guys in Austin in ’81 and blah blah happened…do you remember that?”